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Learn about our ecological restoration techniques and how to drive better land management through food and lifestyle choices. Become a ‘conscious key stone species’ with our Wildervore Approach.

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Supporting our work will allow us to influence more farms, game estates and upland areas helping them become truly become vibrant wild spaces where nature flourishes and humans are considered part of the ecosystem.

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Become part of a movement of ‘wild’ souls who are willing to change now for the sake of our planet and future generations. From online community to ‘wild’weekends in stunning remote landscapes, join now to get involved.

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Learn more and grow with us or make a bold statement to stand up for our planet, our wildlife and better farming, choose the perfect plan to suit YOU.

What do our team say?

“We will update you on our progress working with the Maasai in Kenya where we are training key Elders and spreading the knowledge and techniques of regenerative grazing and wildlife restoration through the Maasai community itself. You’ll have the chance to get involved in several ways including, helping to save important Acacia trees from charcoal burning, helping us employ Maasai herders so they can actively regenerate areas of desert back to wildlife-rich Savanah once more. You will even get the chance to visit Kenya to see our work.

We will show you the clear link between what we can eat to improve human health and how it has the potential to improve the health of our planet, helping to regenerate our land and wildlife.

Our innovative ‘wild woods’ research and development is totally new in conservation has exciting implications for accelerating the regeneration of wild spaces and natural habitats. Become a member and you’ll be the first to hear about our results. I hope you jump on board.”

Georgia Wingfield-Hayes

Wilderculture Consultant

“We will keep you up to date with our pilot project on the beautiful Isle of Carna. We will share video footage and articles on the development of our innovative regeneration techniques on the Island.

Over the last few years I have become increasingly interested in the role of land management in affecting the health of our entire ecosystem. My particular interest and expertise lies in understanding the differences between the diseases and infections we see in truly wild animal populations, and those we see in our domesticated and captive species, and especially the complex relationships between disease, land management and human interventions.

We’re exploring the opportunity for reducing the need for medical intervention and nutritional supplementation in livestock that are managed in ways that mimic wild animal populations, and investigating valid ways of measuring outcomes of this approach.

Our team is interested in how many of these principles of livestock and land management could be applied to ourselves to improve our own human health and life experience. Ultimately we too are an animal species that has been taken out of its natural environment and it is little wonder that we struggle to evolve and adapt quickly enough to thrive. As a member you can find our more about our work and the progress we are making”

Alex Tomlinson

MA Vet MB MSc PhD Dip ECZM (Wildlife Population Health) MRCVS

“Do you want to get involved in our ‘wild’ approach to revolutionising our countryside and our lives? If so, we invite you to become a member. After all, it’s free, what is there to lose? We promise not to send junk or pass on your details and you can run away screaming at any point.

We like to do things differently. Rather than ask for a donation then hope you leave us alone, we want you to learn and grow with us then decide how YOU want to become involved.

As a member, you’ll get access to our member’s area which hosts our online training and our social platform where you can meet like-minded wild souls and chat to our team.

Members will receive weekly emails from our team, alternating between interesting and informative articles and exclusive opportunities. You can sign up to new onsite and online training events, get the chance to buy wild game and the meat from livestock reared in our Wilderculture approach, receive invitations to our free members only ‘wild weekends’, and get the chance to sign up for some of our amazing explorations and experiences a discounted rate.

As members, you can help us shape the projects we embark on and even be involved on a deeper level by either funding or helping with elements of our work. You could attend a free working holiday and learn how to thatch a bothy, you could become the proud sponsor of one of our wilderculture cattle and visit them on site to learn about their work, you could sponsor and train a Maasai warrior and see how their new way of grazing cattle is helping reverse desertification or you could offer to help us with your unique skills and become one of our Wilderculture ‘friends.’

With Wilderculture we’re on an exciting journey, we hope you’ll come along for the ride.”

Stephen Grindrod


We would love to have you join our membership program. This is a real oppertunity to get involved in a truly integrated approach to regenerating our uplands and getting people back into wild spaces to learn and grow as individuals; only then will our society understand their importance.

In ecology a ‘key stone species’ is a species that has a disproportionately large effect on the communities in which it occurs. Such species help to maintain local biodiversity within a community either by controlling populations of other species that would otherwise dominate the community or by providing critical resources for a wide range of species.

Historically, Homo-sapiens have taken their role as keystone species to destructive levels; our impact on our planet threatens our very existence. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We now have an opportunity to take on a new role in the ecosystem; a ‘conscious key stone species. Let’s do this together and play our role well. ’

Caroline Grindrod Director

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