What is Wilderculture?

Wilderculture is a new integrated approach to ecological restoration and food production on our upland areas. We are demonstrating and refining innovative and effective methods of regenerating wild spaces.

Historically when people lived more harmoniously with the land their culture and stories helped guide communities to make choices that were good for their health as well as their environment.

We believe that humans always were, and should still be an integral part of these wild spaces and that we have the knowledge to create a culture which fosters better wellbeing for people, livestock, land and wildlife.


How can we help you?

Our social area is filled with groups,and discussions to help strengthen our ‘Wilder’ culture.

We help people to re-connect with the land and develop a deeper sense of enchantment with the world through our Wilderculture experiences and regeneration holidays.

We provide a range of on-line courses for those who want to dive deeper into learning about nature, environmental sustainability, land management and the health and ethics of the food we eat.

Our signature course the ‘Wildervore approach’ is an eco-omnivore approach to saving the world.

You can also help us make lasting changes to disadvantaged communities by helping us fundraise for global projects.


Real testimonials by real people

Castaway Carna

With access by boat only and the cottage being lit by gas lamps, warmed by open fires, it was a real step back in time. High-lights; the wild food such as more hand-dived scallops than we could eat in one sitting. Spotting my first white-tailed eagle on the boat in stormy seas. Sitting down after dinner and putting the world to rights with the group. The sense of accomplishment as we created two large bio-reactive compost heaps from the surrounding land and sea to help kick start the tree growth on the island. Standing on the hills with Caroline as we discussed the environment and the role we all play in overcoming our global challenges.

I have been vegan for 10 years for ethical reasons and after steadily declining health finally came to realise my principles were making me very sick. Thanks to Caroline and the Wilderculture team for helping me heal my gut and balance my hormones with your delicious nutritious meats, bones and great advice.

The Wildervore approach online course has been a game changer. I have been struggling to navigate the pressure of balancing the priorities of eating sustainable food and choosing foods that can help me heal my auto immune issues. There’re such emotive messages in the media about what we shouldn’t be eating in the context of a growing population and world hunger. This course has given me the confidence to make food choices that are nourishing for me and regenerate the planet too. Best of all, I now have the confidence to speak up about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Basic – Free

£0.00 / month


  • Access to Wildside, Wildercultures Social platform
  • Discounts on rewilding experiences and working holidays.
  • Access to limited courses.
  • Exclusive members-only contests.
  • Personal invites to guided walks.
  • Updates on our projects and Wilderculture methods.

Wildervore Membership

The Wildervore membership is an ongoing membership program to support the human side of the Wilderculture project. As Wildervores we have an opportunity to influence land management through our food and lifestyle choices.

Our membership program helps you do this by;

  • Learning how to make great food choices that will encourage the regeneration of our planet and help you achieve optimal health.
  • Financially supporting our project, this will allow us to manage more land in a way that hugely benefits nature, produces healthy food, demonstrating that humans and wildlife really can thrive together.

We’re building a community of like-minded people and we hope you will join us for our community events, courses and discussions.

For an investment of just £14.99 a month you will unlock all our resources, have access to The Wildervore Approach course and have our team of experts available to answer any of your burning questions. In return we promise we’ll be working hard to refine our Wilderculture management techniques, teach our holistic land management methods to others and influence the management of more land.

We hope you love what we are doing but in case you change your mind you can cancel at any-time, just let us know what we could improve.

£29.99 £14.99 / month

Basic perks plus:

  • The Wildervore Approach course.
  • Access to premium content.
  • Webinars to add to your eLearning classes.
  • A bank of resources to support you throughout your journey.
  • Content designed around your passions and interests.
  • 10% discount on Wilder Meat boxes
  • Forums and groups to share your journey and ask any queries about The Wildervore Approach.
  • Quarterly community meet-ups including guided walks and regeneration camps (if camping) for free.


£150.00 £99.00 / month

Wildervore Perks plus:

  • Free access to all online training and consultancy webinars.
  • A delicious selection of Wilder Meats delivered to your door each month.
  • Easy to follow mouth-watering monthly recipes.
  • Exclusive Keystone community meet-ups, including an annual weekend break at one of our projects (excluding transport).
  • First access to new courses on our eLearning platform.
  • Large discounts on our rewilding experiences and working holidays (discount depends on the holiday).
  • Direct access to our team to answer your questions.
We all love to pin, post and tweet so connect with us and let’s all meet.

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