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Regenerate Earth

There are now 7.4 billion of us on this finite planet. There may be 10 billion by mid-century. The size and well-being of our future world population will be governed by their access to adequate water and food, which can only be provided by healthy bio-systems—the same bio-systems that provide the stable hydrology, weather, economies and societies we depend on. How the future plays out will depend on how well we understand, respect and regenerate the natural processes governing these bio-systems, which also govern our climate, health, social equity and stability.

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The Wildervore Approach.

The battle rages on. Is it better for the environment to eat meat or become vegan? What’s really harmful to the environment is assuming it’s that simple!

This course gives you access to the tools you need to help fight desertification, tackle the root cause of mass human migration and work towards a world where our future generations have enough to eat and perhaps even some wild spaces to explore.

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Wilder Meats!

Delve into our delightfully delicious meat parcels. All our meat is 100% grass fed and organically reared, providing reassurance of nutrient quality. All our meats support regenerative farming.

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Our Projects.

Our projects utilise holistic land management practices and focus on solving root causes and not just symptoms.

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Rewilding Experiences

We are avid believers in rewilding, we feel it’s a basic human right to have access to wild spaces to remember who we really are. We’re creating opportunities to get you back into the wild in different ways to suit all experience levels.

We all love to pin, post and tweet so connect with us and let’s all meet.

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