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Wild and free is a recognition that the human element of Wilderculture is as important as the ecological one. People should always have access to wild spaces to tap into their innate nature and experience what it is to be part of a wild ecosystem – it should be a basic human right.

We commit to allowing open access to all the spaces we manage with Wilderculture to enhance the human experience on earth. Wilderculture spaces will available for wild camping, walking, running, supervised foraging, hunting, wildlife watching, working weekends and more.

We will be working with the landowners to create an exciting range of offerings for all Wilderculture spaces including the re-purposing of traditional buildings and new simple accommodation units made from natural materials available on the land. Our members will be offered the chance to help build these in exchange for the use of them.

Wilderculture is about rewilding our minds and accessing places that take us out of our comfort zones. 

Explore the wild.

Wilderculture will help people access wild locations and explore remote landscapes, get close to wildlife and get away from the internet, telephone and modern living.

For less confident explorers we have guides who can accompany you to the bothy or camping location, train you in some basic skills and either camp nearby or collect you at an agreed time.

We will be bringing you a range of skills training and experiences to help individuals and families break free from society for a while. From full wild immersion soul fasts through to family wildcraft weekends learning to forage, track animals and make natural camps we will find something to challenge and excite you.

So become a member and we will let you know when the adventure begins.


To help people be more adventurous and learn wilderculture skills.

To encourage people to ‘unplug’ from technology and experience the smells, sights and natural flow of life.

To create sustainable ‘real’ jobs in lost rural crafts and important ‘wild’ skills.

To re-purpose and restore remote traditional buildings and build new accommodation with natural materials found on site.

To help rural communities find alternative means of generating income.

To encourage an alternative to the conventional holiday and offer a truly unique experience that will change you forever.

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