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DISCLAIMER (updated 16th March 2017)

Our Disclaimer (If you disagree with anything in the disclaimer, please discontinue use of our website. It’s all pretty fair and reasonable and I hope you do carry on looking at it or we’ll be sad)

So this is an important thing to do and say! We have spent endless hours researching, endless hours studying and endless hours reading books on the topic of sustainable agriculture, human rewilding, nutrition, Animal Farming etc. We listen to podcasts and communicate with people on various groups.

We are however, very aware, that a lot of this content with be contradictory to current guidelines from the government, government bodies and health professionals. You read everything at your own free will (right?) and use that will to make your own decisions if anything resonates with you. We also strongly recommend doing your own research/ readings and will offer suggestions of good places to start from professional and medical practitioners to awesome bloggers.

Our blog posts, podcasts, webinars and in fact all content on our site is intended to pull together interesting things we have read/ heard/ seen (even tasted or felt!) There we go that covers all 5 senses!

Even though we work very hard to provide you with up-to-date information (through thorough research and rewriting already published articles/ summaries from books), we make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any information, products or services. (That should cover all bases! Phew!)

We need to be very clear that the content in this website and other Wilderculture social Media is OUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE/ KNOWLEDGE and INTEREST. The content is to be thought-provoking and is not aimed to replace Medical advice or to be interpreted as medical advice. If you do wish to start a new lifestyle it is best to consult with a medical practitioner first.

If you have any specific medical-related questions, it is best to consult a medical practitioner. We can not offer advice on medical conditions. We look at a basic template that makes sense to us but may not be suitable for other individuals. To determine your suitability, contact a medical professional.

We love open discussion, even disagreement with content and appreciate questions. We will do our best to steer you in the right direction to the source of our information/ research. We however, reserve the right to delete or edit any comments submitted to without notice due to: comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam, comments including profanity, comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, comments that attack a group or person individually.

We also reserve the right to edit this disclaimer whenever we like. (Our business is always evolving!)

Website use

This website belongs to Wilderculture CIC and as a company, we reserve all rights to this website. We can take it down if we see fit and make changes to it. No one can do that or misuse it in any way. If there are any problems accessing the website, notify us and we will get it up and running as soon as possible. We can not ensure it’s availability 24 hours a day (tech has a mind of its own sometimes!!)

Book Reviews/ Product and Services Reviews/ Affiliate Links

One of the purposes of Primal Web is to bring together other interesting people, products and content to the growing community, both in the UK and abroad. We do this by carefully selecting affiliates that meet our (awesomely high) standards. We are also looking for the best books and other products and services out there!

We may sometimes, receive books or products for free so that we can conduct our reviews. This will however, NEVER influence our reviews!! We promise to be open and honest and will let you know if we have received the book/ product for free or from a third party for review. We will often review, recommend or endorse certain products and services that we have purchased and tried ourselves! That’s how we want to make ourselves even more useful to you all!!

We will have arrangements with our affiliates to get a small proportion of the sale, if a sale is made from a link on our site (that’s how affiliates work!)

We may mention our affiliates in reviews and blog posts but only as suggested options and we ONLY use affiliates that we would recommend anyway; promise!

We hope to have giveaways on our site. These products/ services are either provided by a third party or purchased by us at wilderculture CIC. It may also be a product from one of our associated companies! Primal Meats or Stephen Grindrod LTD.

We will be participating in the Amazon Affiliate Program and will have links to an Amazon book shop. We receive a small referral fee if sales are made. Your purchases are private and done through amazon. The referral fee comes from amazon and we are not made aware of individual purchases, unique customers aren’t identified.

Sharing information

All the content is for your own personal use and entertainment. We are, of course, happy for you to share our opinions and posts through Facebook etc but anyone who reads anything from here is also doing so under the conditions of this disclaimer and they must agree to the terms within it.

Compensation disclosure

As for whether we are persuaded or influenced by any external sources? No, We are not offered any compensation by any of the authors of the books we have read or any of the recipe sites etc etc. All the content is from our own teams personal experience and opinion (but is drawn from various sources). We may have blog posts/ podcasts/ webinars or other content from other folks in associated relevant fields. This will be made clear.

Privacy Notice

Our site does ask for email address when commenting or contacting us. Your email will not be displayed on the page when you comment! We, however, will be able to see your email address in the dashboard in administration mode (password protected). We will NEVER sell any email addresses to these incredibly annoying companies! Why on earth would we when it drives us so darn crazy!!!!

We also request your email address to access the forum/ social area of the site. The terms and conditions of this process are here (LINK) You must agree to these terms and conditions prior to using the forum functionality.

If you have any issues/ with providing your email to the site and wish to contact us or would like us to comment on your behalf, please email us:

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