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The Wildervore membership is an ongoing membership program to support the human side of the Wilderculture project. As Wildervores we have an opportunity to influence land management through our food and lifestyle choices.

Our membership program helps you do this by;

  • Learning how to make great food choices that will encourage the regeneration of our planet and help you achieve optimal health.
  • Financially supporting our project, this will allow us to manage more land in a way that hugely benefits nature, produces healthy food, demonstrating that humans and wildlife really can thrive together.

We’re building a community of like-minded people and we hope you will join us for our community events, courses and discussions.

For an investment of just £14.99 a month you will unlock all our resources, have access to The Wildervore Approach course and have our team of experts available to answer any of your burning questions. In return we promise we’ll be working hard to refine our Wilderculture management techniques, teach our holistic land management methods to others and influence the management of more land.

We hope you love what we are doing but in case you change your mind you can cancel at any-time, just let us know what we could improve.

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Basic perks plus:

  • The Wildervore Approach course.
  • Access to premium content.
  • Webinars to add to your eLearning classes.
  • A bank of resources to support you throughout your journey.
  • Content designed around your passions and interests.
  • 10% discount on Wilder Meat boxes
  • Forums and groups to share your journey and ask any queries about The Wildervore Approach.
  • Quarterly community meet-ups including guided walks and regeneration camps (if camping) for free.

About Product

The Wildervore Membership includes:

  • A huge bank of resources to help you learn all about being a Wildervore at whatever level fits your needs or interests. Yep, we even go ‘deep’ for those soil and climate nerds like ourselves!
  • Our team of Wilderculture experts are available in forums and by direct message for specific queries or issues.
  • Access to our dedicated social platform ‘Wildside’ where we can set up specific groups and engage with like-minded people.
  • We’ll design our content around your needs – let us know your hot topics and we’ll write articles and create media to help.
  • Discounts on our Wilderculture products and services.
  • You’ll help us manage more land using Wilderculture techniques. We’re bringing conservation and farming together in very exciting ways.
  • You can join us on our guided walks and regeneration camps (if camping) for free.

In ecology a ‘key stone species’ is a species that has a disproportionately large effect on the communities in which it occurs. Such species help to maintain local biodiversity within a community either by controlling populations of other species that would otherwise dominate the community or by providing critical resources for a wide range of species.

Historically, Homo-sapiens have taken their role as keystone species to destructive levels; our impact on our planet threatens our very existence. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  We now have an opportunity to take on a new role in the ecosystem as a ‘conscious key stone species’ or ‘Wildervore’.

We really need your support. With your membership subscription we can do more research, manage more land regeneratively and increase our natural capital for future generations.

We hope you decide to join us on this exciting journey to ecological restoration.

Course breakdown

Module 1 – Welcome to the Wildervore Approach

Select Module 2 – Rewild your diet. What are humans designed to eat?              

Select Module 3 – Eat foods from regenerating soils      

Building living soil.

Soil compaction, tractors, sick plants.

Mixed farming and the shift to crop production.

Mineral exporting – livestock and sewerage.

Sugar, vegetable oils and grains.

The gluten solution.

Metabolic syndrome.


Select Module 4 – Eat healthy animals

Land use – animals v plants.

Predator prey relationship.

Subsidies and globalisation.

Grain feeding livestock.

Minerals and livestock health.

livestock transport and slaughter.

Nose to tail eating.

Processed meat, fake meat.

Animal fat v vegetable oils.

Omega 3 : Omega 6.



Select Module 5 – Eat seasonal food from your landscape          

Desertification of the dry-land regions of the world.

Irrigation and salination – how to destroy a civilisation.

Energy pyramid, nutrient density and bio-accumulation.

Energy use in farming.

Heritage breeds and resilience.

Lipids, how the body interacts with sunlight.


Select Module 6 – Eat what you need    

Overpopulation and food distribution.


Processing foods – refining v culturing.

Storage and transportation.


Vitamin D.

The brain.

Lipids 101.

Proteins and amino acids.


Food waste.



Select Module 7 – Eat from ecosystems

Nature abhors a monoculture.

Bare soil and photosynthesis.

Hydrology the key to climate change.

Plant breeding and GMO.

Nutrient leaching and dead zones.

Vegan v Ominore v Wildervore.

Land abandonment and Wilderculture.


Module 8 – Eat wild and free

Foraging from the wild.

Growing your own.

Expanding your range of foods.

Seasonal eating – optimal nutrient perfusion.

Time in nature.


Rewilding our children – the future of our planet.


Module 9 – Eat organic foods

Chemical use in plant foods. Desiccation.


Human gut biome.

Minerals and bio-availability.

Plant foods and fibre.

Seasonal eating and imported organic foods.



The immune system and acute illness.




Module 10 – Holistic Management


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