What's your Wilderculture dream?

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  • Sean

    Attracted by access to crofts and common grazing our family moved to the Isle of Lewis last year.

    I am starting up a small food business with a regenerative bent. It’s my dream to reinvest what we make to help realise a Wilderculture vision for the Highlands and Islands.

    Regenerative ocean farming is another idea I am promoting on the Western Isles. “3D Ocean Farming” (or Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture) could complement sustainable land management beautifully. The cattle here have an appetite for seaweed, of which there is a glut over the winter when grazing might be in short supply…

    What’s everyone else’s dream?

    Caroline Grindrod

    That sounds amazing Sean, we need to get that visit planned to see you. I love the aquaculture idea. We are developing compost amendments and are keen to have a plan for sustainable kelp harvesting to make our microbe food, this could be a great way to achieve this along with human food.

    We also want to design our own cattle mineral blocks using ecologically appropriate foods.

    Are you down my area at all over the next couple of months? Alternatively we are hoping to be on Carna for a week in November so if you want to meet up let me know.

    My own dream, is to realise the vision for the highlands and Islands and the vision for the lake district fell farming. by forming a passionate team of key members who can helps me deliver our aims as well as create thriving businesses in their own right.

    Let’s chat soon.

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