• Slowing the flow: is re-wetting the only option for our uplands?

    by admin 14 Lessons

    rewetting uplands

    In modern conservation and catchment management there has been a great deal of emphasis on rewetting landscapes in order to restore the impressive ecosystem services the mires, bogs and fens would have provided prior to their drainage for agricultural purposes. But is this always a good idea? Let’s explore the science.

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  • Regenerate Earth

    by admin 8 Lessons

    There are now 7.4 billion of us on this finite planet. There may be 10 billion by mid-century. The size and well-being of our future world population will be governed by their access to adequate water and food, which can only be provided by healthy bio-systems—the same bio-systems that provide the stable hydrology, weather, economies and societies we depend on. How the future plays out will depend on how well we understand, respect and regenerate the natural processes governing these bio-systems, which also govern our climate, health, social equity and stability.

  • Is it Sustainable to Eat Meat?

    by admin 3 Lessons

    This course considers whether it is sustainable to eat meat. It looks at the issues we face as a growing population, who all need feeding and the effect of animals on our environment and whether a plant-based diet would or wouldn’t help solve our sustainability issue. 

  • Is it Morally Right to Kill Animals for Food?

    by admin 4 Lessons

    This course will provide you with a variety of views to help you make the decision ‘is it morally right to kill animals for food’? The course covers topics including: arable land, sustainability, perceptions, healthy pasture and intensive systems. 

  • Is it Healthy to Eat Meat?

    by admin 9 Lessons


    This course will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help you make the decision ‘is it healthy to eat meat’? We cover a variety of topics from ancestral diets to vegan and vegetarian deficiencies to help you get a well-rounded view of the topic.

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